Scoil Choilm CNS is committed to a spirit of inclusion, equality and partnership in education where each child and member of the school community is valued and treated with dignity and respect. Already Scoil Choilm CNS has built a strong reputation as a welcoming, child-centred school which seeks to develop the individual talents of our pupils. In Scoil Choilm CNS, we believe that children learn best when there are strong links between school and home. We believe that the school plays a central part in the lives of pupils and their families and every effort is made to work together with the best interest of our pupils at heart.

Dear parents and children, I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the summer holidays. I am delighted to announce that Ms Laura Maher has been appointed as principal of Scoil Choilm CNS.  I would like to wish her and all the school community every happiness and success in the future. 

Best wishes, Mrs Treasa Lowe

Whole School Evaluation Report

Outcomes from our Whole School Evaluation

During term one our school engaged in a Whole School Evaluation.  A team of inspectors from the Department of Education and Skills visited our school and looked at school management, teaching and learning and the children’s experience of school.  We were delighted with the outcomes of the evaluation and the high level of praise bestowed upon the school by the Department of Education.  Some of the feedback from our WSE report is outlined below:

Ø  Students were ‘polite, courteous and welcoming’ and were ‘highly motivated’

Ø  ‘The quality of leadership and management at all levels is outstanding’

Ø  ‘School planning is of an extremely high standard’

Ø  ‘Exemplary practice’ was observed when assessing the quality of teaching

Ø  ‘Exemplary practice’ was observed regarding the quality of support for pupils

Ø  ‘The Board of Management operates in a highly effective manner’

Ø  The principal provides ‘strong and purposeful leadership’ with a ‘clear vision’

Ø  ‘Extremely effective structures support a culture of continuous improvement’

Ø  ‘The building is maintained to an exceptionally high standard’

Ø  ‘Exemplary practice in support for pupils with special educational needs was observed’

The school is committed to working on the following three recommendations which were outlined in the report:

Ø  Continuing the development of active learning in the classroom

Ø  Greater emphasis to be placed on summative assessment

Ø  Further challenging our higher achievers in their learning

We would like to thank the school community for all their support, participation and kindness during our WSE.  We are extremely proud of our pupils, parents, staff and the outcomes of our Whole school Evaluation. Because our school got on so well in the WSE our patron has put together a short summary video to celebrate the school’s success.
This video is a summary of our WSE report and the excellent work that is taking place in our school. We are extremely proud of this report.